The Future of The Present Zari

The Future of the Present Zari


     In the future I want my life to be extraordinary. I want to have a good job, i’m thinking about becoming a lawyer that helps with family problems like divorces. Of course i would have to go to college (which I planned to do anyway), and i would have to go for extra years.

     For family, I want a husband, 2 children, a girl and a boy. I want to have a boy first so that way  he can protect his little sister. I hope dearly that my children get along with each other because I don’t want to come home to my children fighting all the time. Since i’ll be working also, I think i’ll hire a babysitter or like get them into after school care when they’re younger. I wouldn’t trust them to be home alone if they’re under the age 10.

     I will live in California, (unless I move after college). I think California is a marvelous place because it has so many sites to see, celebrities can be walking around, and it also has Disney Land!  If I end up somewhere else like florida that would be cool too. Most likely it will be some place exotic, but i’m pretty positive that it’ll be in America.

      I truly can’t wait until the future becomes the present. I wonder what the future world will be like, will there be flying cars?, Talking animals?, or will we even be here??? *Think about it.

Coin-operated Fortune-Teller

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Some of my Limericks!

There once was a girl named Zari

By: Zari Sharp

There once was a girl named Zari 

And her name rhymed with sorry

She was always very sad

We tried to make her glad

But instead we ate Calamari

Bob’s Adventure

By: Zari Sharp

There once was a man named bob

He was in love with corn on the cob

He once became obsessed

But then he became blessed

And the corn on the cob married bob.

National Limericks Day!

Yesterday, 5/12/15 was National Limerick Day. I think it was very fun to write about random things they come out weird, but that’s what makes them funny. What are Limericks? Limericks are humorous and they consists in a verse of three long and two short lines rhyming. There is a certain way you have to write it so if you want to make one of your own then click right here! I think all teachers should have kids write limericks it’s a fun way and it doesn’t take much, just some random phrases or words, in a certain order.



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