The Future of The Present Zari

The Future of the Present Zari


     In the future I want my life to be extraordinary. I want to have a good job, i’m thinking about becoming a lawyer that helps with family problems like divorces. Of course i would have to go to college (which I planned to do anyway), and i would have to go for extra years.

     For family, I want a husband, 2 children, a girl and a boy. I want to have a boy first so that way  he can protect his little sister. I hope dearly that my children get along with each other because I don’t want to come home to my children fighting all the time. Since i’ll be working also, I think i’ll hire a babysitter or like get them into after school care when they’re younger. I wouldn’t trust them to be home alone if they’re under the age 10.

     I will live in California, (unless I move after college). I think California is a marvelous place because it has so many sites to see, celebrities can be walking around, and it also has Disney Land!  If I end up somewhere else like florida that would be cool too. Most likely it will be some place exotic, but i’m pretty positive that it’ll be in America.

      I truly can’t wait until the future becomes the present. I wonder what the future world will be like, will there be flying cars?, Talking animals?, or will we even be here??? *Think about it.

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